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Plastic Cards Printing
Turnaround Time and Delivery

Turnaround Time
and Delivery

Minimum Turnaround Time and Delivery

Purchase 2 days
Proofing 2 days
Production 5 days
Delivery 5 days
Total 14 days

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At PlasticCardsNr1, we offer our clients a free worldwide delivery on our huge selection of products. Our efficient administration and systematic approach permits your order to be processed immediately and deliver your package. Turnaround times can be restrictive on being no deferrals that emerge from components that we can’t control. We will direct you through the wide options available and configuration procedure to provide you an efficient and easy ordeal. The exclusive assembling frameworks of our online plastic cards printing shop permit us to create your product with the highest quality and precision. Our unmatched administration and various rebates simply imply quick turnaround time and huge savings for our clients.

Turnaround Time
5 – 15 working days

PlasticCardsNr1 sees to it that your orders will be dispatched from 5-15 business days, depending on the amount of plastic cards we need to print. We will send your plastic cards into production immediately after the approval of your plastic card design/artwork. This does exclude the time of shipping. We comprehend that you are eager to get your plastic cards. Our well-trained staffs are filling in as fast as could reasonably be expected to deliver your parcel in the speediest time conceivable. There are instances that it might take considerably longer than what is stated in the event that there are some technical concerns from our professionals, issues to talk about, and others. We make sure that you will not be surprised on the delay as we make it a point to update you about the situation of your package. On the off chance that there are unforeseen deferrals, our friendly staff will get in touch with you as quickly as time permits.

Shipment & Delivery
5 – 12 working days

Contingent upon the accessibility, PlasticCardsNr1 typically ship the items through DHL, FedEx or UPS. Usually it will take around 5-12 working days for your parcel to be delivered to its designated destination. After successfully completing a transaction on our online plastic cards printing shop, you will be provided with a receipt that contains a unique order ID that you can use to update yourself about the process. At the point when you receive order confirmation on our online plastic cards printing shop, our staff will assign you with a tracking code.

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We will likely offer you some assistance with promoting your image by using a personalized plastic card that mixes flawlessly with your company image, boosts your presence in the market and separates you from your competitors. No matter the nature of your business may be; PlasticCardsNr1 is here to help you on your concerns.