Terms and Conditions



These terms and conditions will govern all issues that may arise in relation to your access to PlasticCardsNr1, or use of its designs and related services for plastic card production (referred as the Service). If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions or have any reservation, you may stop accessing this website and discontinue its services.

When you access this website or use the Service, it shall be deemed that you have given your consent to enter a legally binding agreement with Siroki Enterprises (also referred as we, our, and Company). Clicking I Agree or related syntaxes, buttons or links on any part of this website or interface of your device shall be equivalent to your physical signature for entering this agreement. Accessing this website without entering this agreement shall be deemed as unauthorized access, even if you are a guest user.

When you enter this agreement, it shall be deemed that you have attained legal maturity or otherwise qualified to enter a legally binding agreement, and if you are not, accessing this website or using the Service under the supervision of your legal guardians who shall enter this agreement on your behalf. .

This agreement is intended to make everything transparent before, during or after you buy or place an order on any plastic card at PlasticCardsNr1’s website.



The website plastic-business.cards and PlasticCardsNr1 brand is being owned and operated by Siroki Enterprises, which is registered in Denmark (DK36737832), with its head office located at Klamsagervej 32, Åbyhøj, MT 8230, Denmark. The company offers artwork, designing, embossing, personalization and production of plastic cards, gift cards, membership cards, ID cards, access cards and business cards.



PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to offer different price quotes for various projects as per the customer’s requirements and prevailing cost of production. All quotations shall be valid for a maximum period of 30 days, but PlasticCardsNr1 may change its price quote for rectifying any errors and omissions in the quotation.
PlasticCardsNr1 will always strive to ensure that the quoted price is final, but if any changes take place due to wrongly quoted price, it will take appropriate measures to notify the clients. All price quotes may be changed until the customers accept the offer and place their order.



The quoted price shall be inclusive of applicable value added taxes, but we are not liable for any changes in the existing VAT rates. You shall be responsible for paying all taxes, levies and duties in relation to your order. PlasticCardsNr1 (Siroki Enterprises) VAT number is DK 36737832.



Please acknowledge that all designs and creative works at your request or related to the service, whether for preview or otherwise, shall be chargeable.



PlasticCardsNr1 is fully dedicated to providing unmatched customer satisfaction during the entire production process, but when you submit any information to be used in relation to the Service, it shall be deemed as your warrant that submitted information is accurate and authentic.

PlasticCardsNr1 may submit a proof of your work and once you approve it, we shall not be liable for any errors and omissions that were not corrected or pointed out by you in such proofs. You shall be responsible for validating / approving each and every aspect of the proofs, including the artworks, fonts, spelling, color and overall design.

In case you require an exact reprint of your previous order, you may be asked to provide a sample (actual card) for a satisfactory color matching as per your requirements. In such cases, we will make all reasonable efforts to achieve the exact color reproduction of your work, but slight variations may occur due to various inherent factors in the printing process. These slight variations should be reasonably accepted.

PlasticCardsNr1 doesn’t claim or guarantee that any material supplied by the customer, including but not limited to customer’s photograph, graphic file, transparency, proofs, and printed cards, whether printed by PlasticCardsNr1 or other third parties, will be exactly reproduced in terms of its color or texture.



When you submit any material or content in relation to the Service, you will retain the ownership of submitted data/content, but PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free right to use the submitted data for fulfilling its clients’ orders as per their requirements.

Unless otherwise agreed or expressly prohibited by the customers, PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to use any feature, artwork or design of completed orders for its business promotion. However, we will humbly request your permission for such use, and you shall agree not to unreasonably withhold your permission.

When you place your order or use any features / service being offered on this website, it shall be deemed that you retain the copyrights to all submitted images and artworks or duly authorized to use any copyrighted material that you supply to PlasticCardsNr1 for delivery/performance of the Service.

You shall indemnify PlasticCardsNr1 and hold it harmless against all claims, liabilities, cost, and expenses, including administrative and legal expenses that may arise in relation to your supplied materials.

PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to refuse any content or material which it deems to be illegal, libelous or potential infringing to others rights, including their rights to privacy or publicity.


Branding and

All content, including the texts, pictures, videos, graphics, designs, drawings, descriptions, presentations, illustrations, logos, icons, trademarks, service marks, scripts, applications, and associated service names are owned by Siroki Enterprises and its collaborating service partners, fully protected by the copyright and trademark laws in the United States and related international conventions.

You are not allowed to modify or alter any presentation, description, photos, videos, designs or illustrations in the accessed / downloaded content, or to remove the copyrights, trademarks and relevant proprietary rights notice from such content. Unless you are duly authorized by Siroki Enterprises, you should never use our logos, images, designs, and trademarks.

Unless otherwise agreed or prohibited by the customers, PlasticCardsNr1 may include its logos and trademarks in the final proofs. However, use of logos and trademarks on the proofs and cards shall be intended for promoting and validity the authenticity of our artwork and design.


Delivery and

All confirmed orders shall be entitled to a Turnaround Guarantee of 15 or 20 working days, and such orders shall be delivered before 22:00 P.M. on the last working day of the guaranteed period. The working days shall be defined as the days on which the clearing banks in Copenhagen are open for normal business between 9:00 AM to 17:30 PM, GMT.

If PlasticCardsNr1 fails to honor this Turnaround Guarantee due to a force majeure event or otherwise, the full amount in lieu of turnaround guarantee shall be credited to the client’s account ledger, which they can redeem against future orders within 6 months from the date of such credit.

The customers shall be liable to pay for the delivered orders, irrespective of the fact that the order was delivered late and the price included a fee for priority charges or turnaround guarantee. If the delivery is delayed due to any non-performance by the third parties like the carrier, or otherwise, PlasticCardsNr1 may extend the turnaround period by one working day, in its sole discretion, and avoid any credit to the customer’s account ledger.

If the performance or delivery of the order/service is delayed due to incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, illegible, late submission, or delayed confirmation of the proofs, or any other reason on the customers part, PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for such delays or non-performance and no refunds or compensations shall be credited to the customer’s account ledger. They shall be responsible for paying in full, irrespective of the fact that the order delivery was delayed and it included a fee for Express Delivery or Turnaround Guarantee.

When the customer is obligated to collect the work, no-show or failure to collect the work on the stipulated delivery date shall be deemed as a delay by the customer. When PlasticCardsNr1 is obligated to deliver the work to the customer, incomplete or incorrect shipping address, non-availability of the customer to receive the work or failed shipping due to any other reason shall be deemed as a delay by the customer. The receipt given by the customer shall be conclusive proof that work has been delivered.

The standard delivery period shall be 8 – 12 working days (Monday to Friday) through a dedicated courier. PlasticCardsNr1 may use any credible carriers like DHL, FedEx or UPS to ship your order. The address provided at the checkout stage shall be deemed as the shipping address. When customers request for express delivery or a turnaround guarantee, PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to charge a fee for expedited delivery, including additional cost and expenses that may be involved in shipping the work via special delivery post or couriers.

If a confirmed order is suspended at the request of a customer or delayed for more than 30 days due to any reasons on the part of the customer, PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to receive payment for work that has already been carried out or expenses that were incurred in relation to the ordered work, including the cost of materials and charges for its storage.

Once the work is delivered, PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any loss or damages that may result in relation to the delivered work. Notwithstanding anything with the foregoing, PlasticCardsNr1 will retain ownership and title to the work until the final invoice is paid in full.

Placed orders shall be subject to acceptance by PlasticCardsNr1, and confirmed only when the quoted price has been paid through your account ledger credit or acceptable payment instruments. Once your order is confirmed, it shall be processed as per the order specifications.

In case, PlasticCardsNr1 has to re-print the work due to any reasons, the Guaranteed Period shall recommence at the time it notifies/confirms to the customer about its decision/agreement to reprint the work.


of Orders

The customers shall be allowed to cancel their order and receive a refund before they confirm the proofs. However, a cancellation fee of 5 percent of the order value shall be deducted from such cancellation.

Once the proofs have been confirmed, no cancellation shall be allowed and the customers shall be responsible for paying in full.


Returns, Reprints
and Refunds

At PlasticCardsNr1, we are fully committed to resolving issues (that may arise on some occasions) and ensuring a hassle-free experience on the Service. We work for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the delivered work or have any feedback, please contact our support team at +45 5335 5434 in Europe or at (888) 372-0097 in North America.

You can call our customer support at any time during the working hours (9:00 am to 20:30 pm Monday to Friday except on bank holidays). Alternatively, you can reach us at [email protected]

We will try to reply all your queries and emails with 24 hours of its receipt. Please acknowledge that you have to contact our support team for obtaining pre-authorization of a return.



Any irregularities in delivery resulting from damage or loss in transit, delay in delivery, unsuitable work or non-delivery of consignment should be reported to PlasticCardsNr1 and the carrier within three days from the delivery of work (28 days from the date of dispatch in case of non-delivery). All claims against such irregularities in delivery shall be made in writing to PlasticCardsNr1 and the carrier within seven days from the date of delivery (42 days from the date of dispatch in case of non-delivery). All claims except irregularities in delivery shall be made in writing to PlasticCardsNr1 within 28 days from the delivery.

If the foregoing requirements are not fulfilled, PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any claims unless the customer has sufficient evidence to prove that: It was not possible to make a claim within the stipulated period due to any circumstances. The irregularity was reported and the claim was made as soon as reasonably possible



Subject to your rights, PlasticCardsNr1 disclaims all kinds of warranties and representation to the maximum extent permissible under the laws. We don’t claim that the Service being offered on this website will be suitable for your requirements, meet your expectations, and delivered within the requested time frame. Please acknowledge and consent that:

Nothing on this website, including but not limited to advice, suggestion, recommendation or help tendered by the customer support executives, whether oral or written, shall create any kinds of warranty or representation regarding the availability, reliability, authenticity, merchantability, and suitability of the Service unless such warranty or representation has been clearly mentioned in this agreement.

Nothing on this website shall create any kinds of warranty or representation that the website/service will be absolutely safe, secure and free from harmful viruses. We are fully committed to ensuring that the website/service remains free from viruses and malicious codes, but you shall bear all the risks that may be involved in using the website/service over the Internet.

Nothing on this website shall create any kinds of warranty or representation that errors and omission on the website/service will be quickly corrected and disruptions will be promptly restored.

PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any temporary disruption / suspension of the Service due to technical limitations or a force majeure event, or permanent termination due to changes in the Service itself. The Service may be temporarily suspended for site maintenance, introducing new services or re-launching any service that was stopped or disrupted by unexpected events or circumstances.

PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any loss, claims, compensations or consequences that may result due to your materials, instructions, and specifications that are incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, illegible, late, or otherwise caused any kinds of non-performance on your part.

PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any non-performance of third parties and service providers, including the delays in transit by the carrier or otherwise.

Except in the case of death or personal injury due to fraudulent representation or willful negligence by PlasticCardsNr1, nothing on the website shall create any kinds of implied warranty, terms, conditions, duty or obligations at the common law. PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special loss or damages, including the loss of credibility, goodwill and other intangible damages that may arise in relation to the Service and related content, artwork, design, or resources being offered on the website or your ability or inability to use the content/services, irrespective of the fact that such losses resulted from torts, breach of contract, statutory liabilities or otherwise, and the possibility of such damages was already conveyed to PlasticCardsNr1.

The limitation of liabilities shall be subject to the Danish laws. Except the liabilities that occur due to death or personal injuries, our entire liabilities, including the liabilities from non-performance, breach of contract, tort, negligence of any statutory duty, misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, shall never exceed the total amount that you paid for receiving the Service.


Force Majeure

PlasticCardsNr1 shall not be liable for any non-performance of the Service due to a force majeure event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters and other acts of God, technical limitations, power failures, civil wars, economic or political disturbances, terrorists attack, civil or industrial unrest, government legislation and/or non-performance of the third parties.

PlasticCardsNr1 will do everything it can to resume the Service as soon as possible, but customers will have a right to cancel the order in these circumstances provided that they agree to pay for completed works and related expenses incurred until that point.


Credit Terms
and Payment

If the invoices are not paid within the stipulated time frame, PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding dues at 2 percent or above the Danske Bank base rate, irrespective of the fact that such dues occurred due to bounced cheques or refused payment instruments by the third parties. PlasticCardsNr1 may also impose certain administrative or legal fees in relation to the collection of payments or recovery of outstanding dues.



If the customer fails to clear its dues, or it becomes evident that they are unable to discharge their financial obligations under this agreement due to filing for bankruptcy or winding up petitions, PlasticCardsNr1 without prejudice to other remedies may:

*1st Refuse to provide the Service any further, stop work on the existing orders and require the customer to pay for all works already carried out and materials purchased in relation to the ordered service. Such charges shall immediately become due to PlasticCardsNr1.

*2nd Exercise its right to have a general lien on all supplied materials and property in its possession and dispose of such materials or property, in its sole discretion, if all unpaid dues are not cleared within 14 days from the date of its notice to dispose of the property.



PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to refuse any service, including the printing of any matter that is or likely to be illegal, libelous, objectionable, or infringing upon the proprietary rights of other users or third parties.

Without any prejudice to section of this agreement, you shall indemnify PlasticCardsNr1 and hold its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, service providers, executives, and employees harmless against all claims, demands, costs, expenses, including the administrative and legal expenses that may result in relation to any work or service in pursuant of your order, regardless of its actual or alleged defamatory nature.



When you communicate with us or submit your profile information in relation to the services being offered on this website, PlasticCardsNr1 may retain your submitted information. However, no personal information, whether voluntarily submitted by you or collected through automated tools and techniques, shall be shared with third parties unless:
You have given your consent to receive third party promotional offers.
Such sharing is necessary to deliver the requested services.
Such sharing is necessary to comply with the governmental bodies / courts.

Your personal information / collected data should be used solely for improving this website and fulfilling your requested order.



Please acknowledge that we are using the service of Stripe, and may use other third party payment instruments, payment processors, and payment gateways in relation to the services being offered on this website. We accept all the major cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club, but the details of your payment instrument are encrypted using industry standard SSL encryption and directly passed to the third party payment processor/payment gateway.

PlasticCardsNr1 may get some information about your payment instrument from the third party payment processor and retain this information on the service to provide a hassle-free shopping experience on your next purchase.

When you make a transaction on this website, it shall be deemed that you have given your consent to become a Stripe customer as per their terms and conditions.



The provisions of this agreement shall be interpreted and governed according to the Danish laws. The parties to this agreement shall consent to submit before the Danish Courts with competent jurisdiction in matters related to access to this website or use of any service being offered by PlasticCardsNr1.

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