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At PlasticCardsNr1, we believe that you should clearly understand how your personal information may be collected, used or shared on this website. This Privacy Statement will explain how we protect your privacy on this website.



PlasticCardsNr1 (“Siroki Enterprises”) is absolutely committed to safeguarding your privacy and security on this website. We will never disclose your sensitive information to third parties unless you have given your consent for receiving third party promotional offers, or such sharing or disclose is necessary / instrumental in delivering the requested product or service – e.g. performing security checks, verifying payment instruments, resolving technical issues and undertaking customer research and analysis for internal administration of this website.



When you access this website or purchase any product or service being offered on this website, PlasticCardsNr1 shall be entitled to collect, process, store, use or share your personal information with third parties, as determined by it. However, no such sharing or disclosure shall take place unless you have given your consent.


& Marketing

PlasticCardsNr1 may use your registered contact number, email address or shipping address to occasionally inform you about new products, special offers, and related notifications.

If you don’t want to receive these newsletters or find our promotional offers as unsolicited, you may click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such email to opt-out from our newsletter service.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are uploaded to your computer and saved on your hard disk. These cookies are used by web browsers to help you browse in a hassle-free manner. For example, when you subscribe with PlasticCardsNr1, an identifying cookie is stored on your hard drive which allows us to uniquely identify you, each time you visit the website or log in to your account. Cookies may remember registered email address and your preferences on the website.

If you don’t want to store our cookies on your computer, you may refuse our / third party cookies by changing the default configuration settings of your web browser.


Site Statistics

Please acknowledge that we use the services of a third-party research and analysis provider who may be using their own cookies and scripts (embedded codes) on the website to collect and analyze the user data of the visitors.

The cookies, scripts and other automated tools or techniques may be used on this website to collect and analyze your browsing behavior and system-related statistical data, such as your presence on the website, total duration on the website, duration on the individual pages, features or services that attracted you, sites that redirected you on the website, and the device, operating system, browser type, Internet Service Provider, or other settings and configuration parameters that are being used to access the website/service.

PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to collect, process, use, or share this type of statistical information and it may collaborate with third party service providers for obtaining such information and analysis. However, this statistical database will be used solely for improving the services and enhancing your experience on the website.


Protecting Your

PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to use, share or disclose your personal information with third parties, as determined by it, particularly when it believes that such use, sharing or disclosure is necessary to implement appropriate anti-fraud checks and prevent unauthorized activities on the website. Please acknowledge that your personal information may be disclosed to a fraud prevention agency or credit reference provider. However, such sharing or disclosure shall take place for confirming your identity only, and in no way affect your credit rating.

Please acknowledge that third party credit reference or fraud prevention agencies may retain your personal information for record keeping, and we shall not be liable for any subsequent violation of your privacy rights by such third party agencies.


Transfers of your

Please acknowledge that your profile information, user data or submitted content may be transferred, processed and stored on servers located in different regions/countries across or outside the European Economic Area. The processing, transmission or storage of your profile information or user data outside the European Economic Area may be necessary or instrumental in processing payment, fulfilling requests, and/or tendering other support services related to your purchase or use of the Service.

Please acknowledge that your user data or submitted content may be processed by staff working outside the EEA where security laws may be very strict in comparison to your home country. You should accept all the risks, including the international transmission of such information and related security risks that may be involved in using the website/service over the Internet.

We are fully committed to protecting your profile information or submitted content, but shall not be liable for any hacking, unauthorized access, data loss, or misuse of your personal information in any form or manner.


Third party sites

This website may include ads / links to third party websites that are being owned and operated by our partners and third party service providers. If you decide to follow any link/ads being featured on this website, please review their terms and policies before access third party websites, content or services.

We shall not be liable for any loss, claims or consequences that may arise in relation to third party links or ads being featured on this website. Publishing the links or ads doesn’t mean that we are endorsing or recommending their content, product or services. Please their policies and use your prudence before entering an agreement or submitting your personal information on such websites.


Checking Your

You shall be allowed to access your personal information that we hold on the servers of PlasticCardsNr1 and make appropriate changes to keep it updated. You may access, verify and change your personal information through information submission/amendment form or write to our privacy officer at [email protected]

PlasticCardsNr1 reserves a right to decide the process and procedures and may require you to prove your identity or follow other security protocols for accessing/changing your personal information. Your credentials may be verified by confirming your email address, password, and/or answer to the security question that you submitted during the registration process.

It shall be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this information. We shall not be liable for revealing your personal information, granting access to any unauthorized person under your credentials, or otherwise due to your inability to keep this information safe.

As a security precaution, we strongly recommend that you should avoid using the password memory function of your web browser as it can allow others to access your personal information, particularly those who use your terminal.

PlasticCardsNr1 shall be the data controller as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act).



We will be more than happy to hear from you. Your feedback will help us to improve our service and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied, and we will be really grateful to you for your support. Please feel free to revisit this website and introduce us to your friends circle.

If you have any feedback or privacy concerns or want to change, delete or request us to stop processing your personal information on this website, please contact our customer service without even slightest hesitation. We will be glad to resolve your concerns.

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