Plastic Business Cards


Plastic Business Cards! Traditionally, word of mouth was a way in which many people communicated back in the day. Friends would pass on good words about people who had produced great work for them. Eventually Business cards were introduced and typically they were simple printed cards with contacts details of the person or business. Simplicity moved to more complex styles where color was introduced and double sided printing was available. This opened up a whole new world in the ways of business cards. They could create better impressions by saying more and be more eye catching. Now we reach modern day and we welcome the plastic business card. These plastic cards are a whole new level. The feel of a premium material shows class and quality.

They can be the first impression you set and because of the material they are made from you have that advantage of setting a great impression. They will not bend like card or wear as easily and it will be harder to accidentally throw it away. Color and text will also be brighter and bolder on plastic as well as a personal or company logo. The great thing about plastic business cards is that they come in all different styles, not just the standard credit card size. You have the ability to have transparent cards, cards that have a unique shape or even ones with foil print. The possibilities are endless! Finally more and more businesses, retailers and restaurant owners are moving away from paper based promotional products. There’s plenty of customization options available. First impression matters. Let’s make your plastic business card unique.

Die Cut Plastic Business Cards

Custom Die Cut Plastic Business Cards are printed in full color on two sides for free

Let’s face it. It sucks not to see positive growth in your life and business. And it’s frustrating not to be getting your desired elevation and promotion in your business. But it sucks even more to keep looking for that one thing that will work for you… Right? It is time to be a bit more serious…It is time to mold the future of your company by molding your new die cut plastic business card. Scissor shape cards for barber shop. Gift box shape die cut cards for retailers. Coffee bean or mustache die cut business cards. You name it! We print it!

It’s not a secret that any properly executed promotional program help identify the buying habits of your most money-making customers. Having a die cut plastic business card for your business will help generate more sales while spotting the customers that contribute the most to the profit and growth of your business. Have you been scouring the web looking for companies that offer solutions on custom plastic Business cards and keep seeing the same thing over and over? We are happy you arrived here and are genuinely sure this will be the last place you stop in your quest for an answer for a die cut plastic business card.

Clear Plastic Business Cards

We design and print transparent clear plastic business cards

Demonstrate to your ideal clients they are unique by giving them clear plastic business card with an extravagance appearance and texture. Give selective offers, permit your clients to be the first to test new items or administrations before any other person, this makes mind blowing verbal advancement with practically no exertion. We can help you with finishing options. Customize your custom clear plastic business card with gold foil or spot UV or even print embossed phone number. You can custom imprint clear plastic business card with any design and text you choose. Optionally we can print signature panels, encode magnetic stripes, provide consecutive numbering, and more.

We firmly believe in the Kaizen practice, which means, “continuous improvement.” We are constantly refining our processes, testing out new ways to improve upon the products we offer you. We are consumers as well and will not offer anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves. If you want to reward your best customers and reinforce brand loyalty, now is the time to start your project. We will print double quantity of clear plastic business cards for free! Money saving opportunity for bars, restaurants, retail stores, museums, fraternities, sororities, special event producers, and other businesses to generate sales and recognize profit generating customers.

Photography Business Cards

Why would you want clear business cards? It’s simple…

Clear plastic business card helps you to differentiate yourself from the competition. They’re also prefect for creative people who want to make their mark, stand out from the crowd and show off their creativity. Another great benefit of plastic business cards is that they will no bend or break or tear. They’re also water proof and will last forever, which means your client will keep them longer. A lot of the time business cards are seen as “rubbish” and dismissed, I think our cards go a long way towards changing this perception.

Plastic business cards are also tactile, which means they feel great in the hands of your client which creates a feeling of luxury and quality. In addition, they fit perfectly into your client’s wallet or purse. Over the last year we’ve printed thousands and thousands of clear plastic business cards for businesses of all sizes. Our business cards have been ordered by plastic surgeons, photographers, real estate agents, designers and more. Your options with plastic are almost unlimited and no matter what industry you’re in, we can help you come up with a creative idea for your cards.

Tattoo Business Cards

Include a sketch, share a photograph of a recent tattoo or customize your plastic business card with your style.

Want a business card as creative as you are? We can help. Hundreds of tattoo artists have selected PlasticCardsNr1 to help them create a unique card to promote their work. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Want multiple images of your work? Ask about how our variable printing gives you the ability to print a tattoo business cards with different designs—without increasing the cost. Add a writable area where you can include an appointment reminder.

Real Estate Business Cards

Every real estate agent faces the challenge of differentiating themselves from their competition. We can help you design real estate business cards that make a big impression. Let’s talk about how we can help promote your business.

Clear or transparent plastic business cards help you grab attention, stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression in your prospective client’s mind. They’re also strong, long lasting, durable and a high quality alternative to traditional paper cards. And – most importantly, let’s be honest – clear business cards are just plain cool. So if I’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to get yourself a set of these cards contact us and let’s discuss your project.

Plastic Business Cards

Our graphic design team can incorporate your existing logo and contact information and create a design for you, or we can create an entirely new fresh look. Already have your own business card design? We can print from your file. Let’s talk!

Plastic Business Cards

We have standard business card size or we can customize any card to a size that better fits your business needs or specific requirements.

Plastic Business Cards
Specialty Upgrades

We are experienced in innovative shapes, designs, and customization making differentiating yourself from your competition simple, easy, and fun.


  • Clear Business Cards
  • Die Cut Shapes
  • Variable Printing
  • QR Code
  • Barcode Encoding
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Writable Finish



Plastic Business Cards
Premium Upgrades

Our premium features can be added to standard business card sizes only, but can also include variable printing, encoding barcodes, magnetic stripes, signature panels, adding images or QR codes.


  • Transparent Satin “Frosted”
  • Metallic Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Metal Business Cards
  • PVC Card Stock