Problems in Credit Card Receipt Printers

Problems in Credit Card Receipt Printers

Problems in Credit Card Receipt Printers. Credit card receipt printers can either be built-in with the credit card terminal or can also be a stand-alone unit. Your choice may also be in between thermal and dot matrix printers. While a thermal credit card receipt printer is more expensive by a hundred dollars over a dot matrix printer, the former prints faster at 10 to 15 lines per second. Dot matrix receipt printers can only print up to 4 lines per second. No matter what type of credit card receipt printer you invest on however, there are certain problems that you may encounter along the way. Find out how these problems can be fixed. Troubleshooting credit card receipt printer problems. The most common credit card receipt printer problems include the following. Learn how to solve these problems:

1. Traditional receipt printers can give you a hard time while changing papers. In fact, your customers may complain to you about that. To avoid this hassle, you can invest on receipt printers with drop-in paper loading capacities instead. This one will certainly simplify the paper loading procedure and help you avoid customer complaints.

2. The cutting facility in the receipt printer won’t work. The cutting facility is one that is used to chop a receipt. Your customers might complain if the paper receipt does not come out properly. In order for the chopping or the cutting of the paper to happen, you must make sure you invest on either an ECR or EPOS software. These can be responsible in delivering the cutting command to your credit card receipt printers.

3. There are also instances that your receipt prints but the outcome does not look the way you want it. There might be something wrong with the receipt format. In view of this, you have to modify the format you are using. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics RMS, please refer to the instructions on how to change receipt formats. You may also need to adjust the margins and other settings of the printer.

4. You may also encounter instances when valid credit cards are denied by the printer’s card reader. In this case you may see extra characters appearing on the screen. Printout will also be affected.

5. There are instances when the printer prints the receipt but there are no texts found on the paper. This can happen for two reasons. First, you were not able to load the paper properly and second the top cover of the printer is open. Check on both these issues and you will be able to solve the problem at once.

There are still many problems which you may encounter. Solving these will all depend upon the printer brand you own. Therefore, make sure that you get the contact information of the company. Call them when you cannot troubleshoot your printer’s problem.

Source by John C Arkinn