Metal Business Cards


If you’re looking for an innovative business card for yourself, now is the time to switch to metal business cards. Our metal business cards will show your customers, colleagues, and partners that you mean business. Despite the digital age the business card reins supreme as the de-facto way to meet and share information. Be sure to leave a lasting impression with the help of PlasticCardsNr1 Metal Business Cards. Whether at a networking event, conference or chance meeting, a well designed business card remains the best was to share information about yourself or your organization. To be unforgettable though you really need to stand out and a metal business card will ensure you make your mark! If you need inspiration for a truly unique metal business card, check out these aspects to consider to make your card.

One factor we cannot control will be the envy of your work colleagues, other club members or recipients of your Metal Business Cards.


Black Metal Business Cards

Impress your customers with stunning black metal business cards.

As a business owner, you know that image is everything. Did you know, however, that first impressions are formed in just seven seconds? First impressions are hard to change, so make sure that your business cards are giving the right idea about your company! They’re durable, stylish, and very memorable. There’s a reason that the world’s leading luxury brands have switched over to black metal business cards; be an early adopter and don’t get left behind!

These premium black metal cards are perfect for VIP events, budding entrepreneurs, or anyone with a unique flair. Our line of black metal business cards can help you develop your existing business card (or membership card) to become an unforgettable metal card your clients will enjoy receiving. Our design team can also assist you to develop a metal business card for you.

  • Proven to increase your business.
  • Instantly improve your first impression.
  • Guaranteed to blow away your competition.
  • Typically pay for themselves within the first 20 cards!

Original Metal Business Cards

If you are looking for a jaw dropping business card, look no further.

Original stainless steel metal business cards are available in three thicknesses. Not only can we cut through the steel, we can also alter the shape of the card itself by cutting away metal from the perimeter. And as long as the desired shape fits within the dimensions of a standard card, there is no additional charge.


  • Standard Size: 80mm × 50mm (3,14″ × 1,96″)
  • 80mm × 55mm (3,14″×2.16″)
  • 85mm × 50mm (3.34″×1,96″)
  • 85mm × 55mm (3.34″×2.16″)



No artwork? No problem! Let our professional in-house graphic designers create the card of your dreams! This process includes up to five digital proofs for your review and approval. Variable data printing is fully supported. Unique lettering and numbering for each metal business card! Simply provide an Excel file with your variable content.

Copper Finish Metal Business Cards

Premium copper finish metal business cards utilize a brushed finish for a unique look that is sophisticated and elegant.

Grow Your Business Effortlessly with our line of copper finish metal business cards. Awaken the senses. See Your Dreams Realized. Gain an unprecedented edge over the competition in your industry with our luxurious copper finish metal business cards. You want your business to be big, and our copper finish metal business cards will give a boost to the positive impressions you make, expanding your exposure far and wide. The best way to grow any business is with stellar marketing, and there is no better and more efficient way to do so than with our copper finish metal business cards.

Our copper finish stainless steel metal business cards enable you to offer a full range of membership cards opportunities to your business. The copper finish is ideal for luxury brands and can be used for membership cards, VIP cards and loyalty cards or as distinctive business cards. Variable data printing allows your metal card to be fully customized with your design and personalized if used, for example, as a membership cards or reward cards. These custom copper finish metal business cards give you and your business a highly polished and contemporary look.

Brushed Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards

Brushed stainless steel metal business cards reflect distinction and power on their holder.

These exclusive cards are made from high-grade stainless steel that will not tarnish over time. With an innovative printing process, supreme etching techniques, high-quality metal, and endless customization options, your brushed stainless steel metal business cards are guaranteed to be second to none. Expert design staff can help take your vision and wield it into reality, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Discover just how easy it is to launch the simplest yet most effective marketing investment you can make.

Brushed stainless steel business cards reflect distinction and power on their holder. An elegant and beautiful way to add luxury to your brand. This vintage cardstock has a beautiful shine that is reminiscent of a precious metal and is created by plating 0.5mm/0.02″ thick stainless steel. Die cut and non-bleed etching is included in the base price of the cards. Whether your looking for a new business card, an elite membership card, or an exclusive gift card this is an excellent option.

Metal Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Metal gift cards and metal loyalty cards strengthen customer loyalty

To customize Metal Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards we offer a range of options to make each card traceable. Typically, we either laser etch or print a unique member number on each gift card. We also can include a magnetic stripe, barcode or QR code. A signature panel printing service adds a personal touch to the Metal Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards as well. For metal VIP cards we can also embed a microchip onto the card, so it would become a microchip contact card.

Whether you are managing a discount or bonus program, loyalty, reward or a mileage program, metal gift cards and metal loyalty cards can be produced in any metal and card finish. Give your business the gift of new sales and new customers with a metal gift and loyalty card program. Gift cards and loyalty cards continue to help retailers acquire new customers, increase the frequency of customer visits and help improve and grow your sales.

Metal Business Cards

Designing a metal card is no picnic. Creating a stunning layout whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the card can be challenging. Fortunately, we provide a completely free design service to all customers who don’t already have artwork. Once we have collected a few pieces of information, our design team will put together an initial concept. We then create a photo-realistic, digital metal business card mockup using our innovative proofing system. This shows how the card would look once produced. Using your feedback, we make revisions until you are 100% happy with the layout.

Metal Business Cards
Finishes & Extras

Impressing potential clients has never been easier than with our luxury metal business cards. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, our metal cards offer a classic appeal with a contemporary flair. Present yourself in style with these timeless, sleek metal business cards. All metal cards are available in stainless steel, brass, or copper and a wide variety of finishes; matte black, mirror finishing, brushed effect, corrosion effect, engraving, debossing, etc.


  • Stainless Steel, Black, Copper, Brass Metal Business Cards
  • Includes 3 Color Print
  • Custom etching on front, back, or both
  • Custom cut-outs/die cutting available
  • Options for Single- or Double-Sided Design



Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are a great way to make a generally normal marketing tool very exciting and different. It has numerous applications for business professionals and marketers in addition to being a simply unique name card. There are plenty of personalization options to choose from. The best designs are usually those that rely on the unique feel, look and properties of the metal to add some further value.


  • Custom Die Cut Shapes – We can alter the shape of the card itself by cutting away metal from the perimeter.
  • Variable Printing – Unique name, phone number, card number, date etc.
  • Photo ID – Don’t just stick to your logo and text. Be visual and adventurous with your metal business card. We can print any number of colors to your business card and can even print your photo in full color.
  • Magnetic Stripe – Easily convert your metal cards into a membership cards, gift cards, reward cards, loyalty cards, etc.
  • Microchip – Print stunning metal microchip contact cards with us. We can embed any microchip onto the metal card surface. Just tell us what microchip type you want.
  • Debossed Text – This method adds visual depth to the metal business cards. By chemically etching down 10% into the stainless steel card surface and then anodizing it, the process would yield Simulated debossed look; areas of the card surface are recessed


Metal Business Cards

Our design team can also assist you to create your unique metal business cards, metal gift cards, membership cards, invitation cards or loyalty reward cards. We do not charge for this service. Whatever your requirements we are here to help you create an unforgettable metal business cards. PlasticCardsNr1 offers one of the fastest international delivery services and production times available anywhere. Metal business cards turnaround time is 15 – 20 working days. Transit time is 5 – 10 days. We use DHL express delivery.