Custom Plastic Reward Cards


Encourage return visits by customers when you use custom plastic reward cards. This allows you to reward your repeat buyers with special coupons, discounts, or other perks based on their visits or volume of their purchases with you. This can be a simple way to earn a lifelong customer. You don’t want to lose customers to your competition. With a good rewards program, you’ll create the customer loyalty that you need. A membership rewards program can be created around your most loyal customers. A points program for example, can help them earn prizes or cash. A punch can provide the customer with a service or a free drink after so many visits. A customer can earn a discount on each purchase with a club card. These are just some of the ways you can put reward cards to use in your business.

Customers will want to come back to you when you provide loyalty cards. These cards can be the right strategy for your marketing efforts. Membership cards, reward cards, restaurant loyalty cards, and other special cards can help you create a connection with your customers so they have an incentive to come back to your store. Businesses like gyms, coffee shops, health clubs, golf clubs, and restaurants that need repeat business can benefit from our loyalty card printing as we create high quality products. You can create your loyalty card by uploading your design or have one of our designers create a card for you free of charge. Our cards are perfect for all your marketing efforts. One note is that gloss coating won’t work with ink or ballpoint pens and in this case no UV or matte coating will provide for a writable surface


Keep your important customers coming back to you with plastic loyalty cards when they make repeat purchases. These cards fit in the wallet and remind customers about the value that your business provides for them. Offer rewards when a customer fills a loyalty card. This can be anything such as percentage off of a purchase or some type of free service for the customer. The number of purchases required to receive the offer is entirely up to your discretion. You want the customer to stay with you and not go over to the competition. When you offer a loyalty card, it gives the customer an incentive to stick with you as the reward is an enticing offer to come back to your store to purchase again. Cards can be customized with logos, photos and you can feature two-sided printing if you need to convey a lot of information for the customer.

Custom Plastic Reward Cards for Barber Shops

Reward repeat visits to your barber shop. These cards can be made to high standards and look as good as your bank card does. We use quality materials, components, and traditional print methods, to ensure that your plastic reward cards look great and last a long time. We have a 100% guarantee on our products and work to provide high quality cards and professional service for you.

Our team of professionals are here to work with you so your card is design just the way you want it to be. You can speak with anyone from our Rewards Card Program Specialist team as we are here to help you. We offer many plastic card printer options and you can print in-house if you like so your guest can get their card quickly. We print the card shell for you so you save money and all you need to do is print the new members number or name on the card.

Encourage return visits with custom reward program!

You will need to develop your campaign before you design your loyalty card. A well -executed and designed campaign will help you bring customers to your business. Have a strategy for your campaign before you design loyalty cards. Here’s four strategies for your reward cards which will help you market your business:

Discounts and Savings Which Are Automatic for Customers. You want a loyalty card for customers whenever they use your service, shop in your store and so on. Make enticing offers such as 30% or 50% off or a two for one special.

Loyalty Cards Which Feature Loyalty Codes. Establishments such as a grocery store, restaurant or retail location can create a discount loyalty card which feature a code that can be used when a customer orders. Rewards may feature a discount or coupon on a future order.

Buy 10 and get 1 Free Loyalty Card. Create a loyalty punch card which rewards a customer wither a free drink or other offer once they buy ten items from your store.

Money Rewards. You can send customers a discount or reward which can be used as gift certificate in the mail if they spend a certain dollar amount in your store.

Custom Plastic Reward Cards

We have a team that can take your contact information and existing logo and incorporate this into the design. If needed, we can also create a new fresh look for you. If you already have a business card design, we can print from your file.

Custom Plastic Reward Cards

Plastic reward cards are the same size as a standard bank card. We can customize a card size that works for your business. Any custom shape imaginable; scissors, mustache, heart.

Custom Plastic Reward Cards
Specialty Upgrades

Our team has experience in creating customized shapes and designs that make your business stand out from the competition. Some options include:


  • Die cut shapes
  • Transparent plastic
  • Variable Printing
  • QR codes and Barcodes
  • Scratch off panel printing
  • Magnetic stripe printing and encoding
  • Writable Finish



Custom Plastic Reward Cards
Premium Upgrades

We have premium features for our custom reward cards. The premium features come in just a standard sized business card, but can include: magnetic stripes, encoding barcodes, variable printing, images, QR codes, or signature panels. Premium features can also include:


  • Transparent Satin “Frosted”
  • Metallic Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Metal Business Cards
  • Spot UV Printing