Custom Gift Cards


If you want to grow your revenues and business, custom gift cards are the perfect option. Our team can support you no matter how many cards that you need. They will help you build the right gift card program for your individual needs. In the USA, there’s over $100 billion spent each year on just gift cards and those that receive gift cards tend to spend 20% more than the actual value of their gift card. Custom gifts cards are therefore, the right choice for your business to increase revenues. They can be customized with logo designs and your brand to make them stand out, you can even have the card shaped the way that you want.


Spa Custom Gift Cards

Looking to give your salon or spa that extra touch of luxury?

Make your spa more luxurious. You deserve it! Our design team can help create just the right card for your spa with different shapes, card features, display options of whatever else is needed to create the perfect card solution for your spa. These cards can support your marketing efforts with their special features. For example, we can add elegance and shine to the cards with foil thermal.

If you want a more subtler look, clear and transparent features can be added so the cards look great and grab the attention of your customers. It doesn’t matter what you need, our design team can help you put your ideas to work and create cards that you and your customers will love.


We listen carefully. As a startup, it is often not a bad idea to make ourselves known as soon as possible and empower our customers by actively encouraging them to have a say in the development of PlasticCardsNr1 and its products. We further tweak and adapt our brand and product line so that it better meets the needs of our clients. Here are the 360 degree plastic gift card examples for a better user experience.


      Restaurant Gift Cards

      Are you looking for a leg up in your restaurant marketing?

      If you need to improve your restaurant market, custom gift cards are a wise option. These cards can help showcase the personality of your restaurant. Unique features can be worked into the design shape such as drink specials, logos, menus, signatures dishes, coasters, or other designs that showcase your restaurant and what you’re all about.

      No matter what design you want, we can design it for you so you have unique cards your customers can buy. In the restaurant industry presentation is key so want your cards to be unique which we can provide for you.

      Movie Theater Gift Cards

      Does your movie theater need a marketing boost?

      Marketing boost for your theatre. Our line of custom gift cards might be just what you need. With custom cards from PlasticCardsNr1, you’ll be able to put your theater brand on display and generate more revenues for your business. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and to help you start a gift card program. You can get started by scheduling a consultation with us now. Our team will work with you to find the perfect gift card solution for your theatre. These cards will showcase the unique personality of your theater. For example, cards can be made into shapes like a box of popcorn, movie reel, 3D glasses, a logo or just about anything else. These unique gift card shapes showcase your business in a meaningful way and bring you more income.

      Brewery Gift Cards

      Brewery Marketing & Promotional Tools.

      The craft beer market faces stiff competition so it can be difficult for your business to stand out. Successful breweries are the ones that mingle with people at tastings, festivals, special events, and so on. All of these ways to promote your brand can help expose others to what you have to offer. We can create coasters and beer tasting menus to help promote your brand and story. Tasting mats can be created with Dry Erase options so guests can reuse them and to remind them of what they tasted and enjoyed.

      Send your artwork or let one of our designer create a custom promotional gift card. At PlasticCardsNr1 we offer plenty of marketing techniques to grab the attention of your target audience so you increase your revenues. We help you create a story through custom gift cards about your beer that not only gets people tasting your beer, but coming back to your brewery time and time again.

      Custom Gift Cards

      Our design team works to incorporate your contact information and logo and create a design for you or they can create a completely fresh design if you wish. If you already have a gift card, we can print from the file. We print standard credit card size gift cards, as well as custom shapes customized to your needs.

      Custom Gift Cards

      Premium features can only be added to standard sized cards but can include encoded barcodes, variable printing, signature panels, magnetic stripes, QR codes, or images.

      Custom Gift Cards
      Specialty Upgrades

      We are experienced in innovative shapes, designs, and customization making differentiating yourself from your competition simple, easy, and fun.


      • Clear Business Cards
      • Die Cut Shapes
      • Variable Printing
      • QR Code
      • Barcode Encoding
      • Magnetic Stripe
      • Writable Finish



      Custom Gift Cards
      Premium Upgrades

      Our premium features can be added to standard business card sizes only, but can also include variable printing, encoding barcodes, magnetic stripes, signature panels, adding images or QR codes.


      • Transparent Satin “Frosted”
      • Metallic Embossing
      • Foil Stamping
      • Metal Business Cards
      • PVC Card Stock